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Which Syracuse Orange sport has the best chance for an ACC title in 22-23?

If you watched any of the Syracuse Orange takeover on the ACC Network last weekend, you were reminded that it wasn’t the best of times in 2021-22. Now this is where we point out that women’s ice hockey won their 2nd CHA title and men’s rowing had an excellent season in a sport that doesn’t have an ACC Championship so it’s not as though Syracuse was truly shut out last year. However as we turn the page to the 22-23 athletic year does Syracuse have a team that will bring an ACC title home? Let’s take an early look by sport:

Men’s basketball: The Orange aren’t winning a regular-season title but maybe a young team will mesh in March. Syracuse has struggled in the ACC Tournament but at some point they have to go on a run right?

Women’s basketball: There is definitely excitement about the reboot of the Orange women under Felisha Legette-Jack. Can Syracuse make a quick climb to the top of the league? Probably not this year but they might be closer to a title than the men.

Cross Country: NC State’s women should continue to dominate the conference as Syracuse looks to reload at the top of their squad. On the men’s side, Notre Dame will have a new coach and both UNC and Virginia have invested a lot in their programs. The Orange men will be in a tough battle to add another ACC trophy.

field hockey: Last year the Orange were a bit up and down. They trounced UNC during the regular season but failed to hold homefield in the ACC Tournament.

Football: Don’t make any plans for Charlotte.

Indoor track and field: Syracuse doesn’t have the overall rosters to compete for a title in track. We’ll see if any individuals can claim top honors in their event.

Men’s Lacrosse: Can a heralded new class restore Syracuse to glory? It’s probably unrealistic to expect the Orange to be strong enough to win the ACC-especially as questions remain at the face-off position.

Women’s Lacrosse: Right now this is the group that has the best chance on paper. The Orange return a lot of talent while both UNC and BC will have to replace their key players. With a year experience will Kayla Treanor be able to iron out issues which plagued Syracuse in 2022?

Outdoor track and field: More field events means it’s less likely Syracuse can compete in the team competitions.

Women’s Rowing: The Orange are a strong program but Virginia has won 12 titles in a row and they don’t seem ready to step back.

Men’s Soccer: How will Syracuse replace the offense lost from last year’s squad? Ian McIntyre has a lot of new players coming so we’ll if those newcomers can turn the close losses to wins.

Women’s Soccer: The Orange have struggled here since joining the ACC. Expectations need to focus on getting closer to .500 than winning it all.

softball: Last season saw Syracuse knock off one ranked opponent but until the Orange get a truly dominant pitcher it’s going to be tough for them to win a title.

Tennis: An up and down season for a team led by young players. Syracuse looks to be strong at the first two spots but they need more depth to win a conference title.

Volleyball: When a fall sport hires a new head coach during the summer it means that the first season could be rough. We have to see what the roster looks like next month but Syracuse will have a tough climb ahead.

If you’re looking to place a bet on a Syracuse ACC title next year I’d say go with women’s lacrosse followed by men’s cross-country. If you want to take a bit riskier approach field hockey, men’s lacrosse and men’s soccer would seem to be the next best options for you. Where would you place your bets?

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