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Traveling Vietnam Wall returns to Buffalo Chip

STURGIS, SD — The Traveling Vietnam War Memorial is back in Sturgis for the rally.

The memorial is set up next to the Field of Flags at the Buffalo Chip. The 80 percent scale replica of the memorial in DC has been making visits to the Buffalo Chip since 2013.

Tribute Supervisor Wesly Shivers says, “It’s one of those things that we kind of fight to see who gets to come up here because it’s a good two week vacation just to come up here and setup. And then, of course, we can go ride through the Black Hills and up to Rushmore and over to Devil’s Tower. That’s a nice thing.”

And while the wall is a little smaller, it contains every name etched on the original. Shivers says the takeaway is different for everyone, especially those who served in Vietnam.

“Just because they can find their buddies names and or their loved ones names, their brothers or sisters, their moms and their dads,” Shivers says, “And so a lot of healing goes on.”

Also on display is the Cost of Freedom Exhibit, honoring US sacrifices during the 20th and 21st centuries. The tributes will be at the Buffalo Chip through Sunday, August 14.

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