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Watery to take an indefinite break after the spring 2023 concerts

“We’re certainly not closing the door on Aqueous, we’re just taking some time.”

By Scott Bernstein January 13, 2023 9:55am PST

Aqueous will be on an indefinite hiatus over the next four months after a string of festival appearances and headlining shows. The Buffalo jam quartet announced the news with a note from a multi-instrumentalist David losswho cited his desire to spend time with his newborn son and family as the main reason for the decision.

The loss previously took most of 2022 off to look after his family. A note shared in July explained the band’s limited schedule as Dave’s bandmates wanted to honor Los’ intention of “being so present [in the birth of his son] as he can.”

Well, the members of the quartet – Loss, guitarist Mike Ganzerdrummer Rob Houk and bassist Evan McPhaden — will be parting ways with the band after a streak of seven performances from sets at Gem & Jam on February 3 to a set at Summer Camp on May 26-28. Aqueous will also play headlining gigs in Albany, NY on March 3rd, Syracuse, NY on March 4th, Erie, Pennsylvania on March 11th, Baltimore on April 7th and Ardmore, Pennsylvania on March 8th. April.

“These last 16 years with the band have been amazing,” began Dave Loss’ note released today. “It was a journey that shaped my life in more ways than I even know. I have traveled to so many amazing places and met so many incredible people along the way. Making friends that will last a lifetime and meeting musical heroes who I can now call my peers.”

Loss went on to talk about how the birth of his son changed his priorities. “I want to be there as often as possible and not miss anything,” added Loss. “Besides, I just can’t tour right now and be away from my family.

“I’ve decided it’s time for me to retire from the band to be home with my family,” revealed the keyboardist and guitarist. “Although it was a very difficult decision, I know it’s the right one for me. There will always be some music for me to play in the future, but gigging as a full-time touring musician just doesn’t fit my life right now.

“The band will be playing a handful of shows listed here in 2023, but after that we’ll be on hiatus,” said Loss, representing Aqueous. He ended the note with a message of hope for AQ fans. “It saddens me to say this, but I take comfort in knowing that we’re certainly not closing the door on Aqueous, we’re just taking some time,” Loss wrote. “We’re not exactly sure where the future will take us, but we do know that music will be everywhere.”

Read the full text of Aqueous/Dave Loss’ statement by scrolling the post below:

Tickets for all shows are available now.

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