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New Orleans among the costliest cities to commute to work

New Orleans is one of the top 15 cities with the highest costs for commuting to work, according to a new study.

People spend $3,637 a year to commute to and from work in the metro area, the study says. That’s $624, or 20.7% more than they spent in 2021, according to the study.

The study found that commuting costs are rising across the US, with Americans spending an average of $2,914 this year compared to $2,157 in 2021 – a 35% increase.

The top 5 costliest cities to commute in are New York City ($4,040/yr.); Rochester, N.Y. ($3,984/yr.); Albany, New York ($3,946/yr.); Jacksonville, Fla. ($3,933/yr.); and Orlando, Fla. ($3,922/yr.).

The study looked at gas prices, commute mileage, auto insurance costs, and wear and tear costs for Americans who drive to work.

The largest contributor to rising costs is rising gas prices, with American commuters estimated to be spending 58% more this year, the study said.

To see the full study, click here.

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