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How To Get Rid Of That Buffalo Hump At The Base Of Your Neck

We spend a good portion of our lives sleeping in bed. Sleep posture is critical to reducing a buffalo hump, physical therapist Tim Fraticelli tells PT Progress. Fortunately, you can shrink that hump in your sleep if you position your body correctly.

Back sleepers should aim to sleep in a flat position that aligns the head with the spine. The goal is to eventually sleep on just one thin pillow to ensure proper alignment. If you currently sleep with multiple pillows or one thick pillow, working your way down to one thin pillow over time is okay.

Stomach sleepers might find it harder to align the spine correctly. Stomach sleepers often sleep hugging a pillow, a habit that can round the neck even more and exacerbate the hump. If you are a stomach sleeper, you could try sleeping on your side to encourage better spinal alignment. If side sleeping is too uncomfortable, putting a pillow under your pelvis can reduce the arch in your back that forms while sleeping on your stomach. Reducing the angle will lessen the rounding of the neck and shoulders.

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