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East Northport’s father was drunk in the car with his 11-month-old daughter when he was involved in an accident

Jan 22, 2023 10:28 p.mUpdated 6h ago

From: News 12 employees

An East Northport man is accused of drunk driving and colliding with his 11-month-old daughter in the car on Saturday night.

Police say 33-year-old Matthew Gibney was intoxicated when he crashed his 2021 Hyundai into the rear of a Mazda on Elwood Road at the junction with Pulaski Road around 7pm

Gibney’s 11-month-old daughter was a passenger in the vehicle. Detectives say both drivers were not injured in the crash, but the 11-month-old boy was taken to Huntington Hospital for a check-up.

Gibney now faces a DWI charge that violates Leandra’s law and endangers the well-being of a child.

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