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The snowfall deficit in Syracuse continues

We are well into January now and we have seen very little snow in Syracuse this season.

what you need to know

  • Syracuse performs well below average when it snows
  • Syracuse has gained just 20.7 inches for the season
  • The average for this point in January is 61.7 inches

So far this season, Syracuse has had just 20.7 inches of snow. The average snowfall at this time in January is 61.7 inches. Of course, that means we’re 41 inches behind compared to the average.

And since it was a mild January, most of the precipitation fell as rain. In fact, Syracuse has only accumulated 0.6 inches of snow so far this month!

So where does Syracuse stack up compared to last winter? Believe it or not, this time last year Syracuse only had 30 inches of snow. While that number is very low, we’re 9.3 inches down from last year.

By the end of April 2022, Syracuse had ingested just 76 inches of snow, which was well below average.

From this perspective, it looks like our weather could become more active and wintry by the end of the month.

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