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The first tanker with LNG from the USA reaches Germany

Posted Jan 3, 2023 / 5:49 am EST

Updated January 3, 2023 / 5:49 am EST

BERLIN (AP) — The first regular shipment of liquefied natural gas from the United States arrived in Germany on Tuesday, part of a wide-ranging effort to help the country replace energy shipments it previously received from Russia.

The tanker Maria Energy has arrived at the North Sea port of Wilhelmshaven, where its cargo of LNG will be converted back into gas at a special floating terminal inaugurated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz last month.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Germany rushed to find a replacement for Russian gas supplies. The facility in Wilhelmshaven is one of several such terminals that are being built to avert an energy supply shortage.

Germany has also temporarily reactivated old oil and coal-fired power plants and extended the life of its last three nuclear power plants until mid-April.

Environmental activists said they planned to protest Maria Energy’s arrival, arguing Germany should not import fossil fuels, particularly gas derived from fracking.

Reserves in Germany’s gas storage facilities rose to over 90% at the beginning of the year as unusually warm temperatures reduced heating demand in large parts of Central Europe.

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