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Syracuse placed 4th in both the men’s and women’s teams at the Cornell Upstate Challenge

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This Saturday, Syracuse traveled to Ithaca, NY for the Cornell Upstate Challenge.

For the men, Emanuel Joseph, David Peterson, Isaiah Lewis and Samuel Mutiso opened the meeting for Syracuse in the 60m hurdles. Joseph and Peterson qualified with records of 8.13 and 8.29, taking first and second place respectively in their heats, while Lewis and Mutiso were stuck.

In the final, Joseph and Peterson won a medal. Joseph took first place with a time of 8.10, while Peterson secured second place with a time of 8.14.

In the men’s 60m, SU’s James Nmah and Carlton Landingham qualified with times of 7.07m and 7.17m respectively. Nmah finished the race in 7m and finished second in the final for a medal. Landingham placed 6th with a 7.11.

10 athletes from Syracuse took part in the men’s mile, 7 of whom finished in the top-15. Silas Derfel finished the race in 4:13.78 and placed third overall, the best of any Syracuse competitor. Ethan Wechsler was 4th overall, finishing in 4:16.75, while Jack Whetstone was 7th overall, finishing in 4:17.54. Ruben Rojas Betanzos finished 9th overall, finishing in 4:20.22.

Alexander Segarra became the only Syracuse runner to finish the men’s 500m after Ryder Kriley failed to cross the finish line. Segarra finished the race in 1:07.15 and was second.

At the Men’s 800, Kriley finished 4th overall while Segarra recorded DNS.

On the women’s side, 6 hurdlers from Syracuse represented the orange. Shaleah Colaire, Peyton Rollins and Kirstyn Schechter qualified well for the finals. In the final, Colaire finished with an 8.61 and took second place. Rollins (4th) and Schechter (8th) followed with times of 8.83 and 9.19, respectively.

The 60 meter hurdle was followed by the 60 meter run. Colaire, Rollins, Kaleia Arrington and Morgan Marshall all qualified for the finals. Arrington (7.83) and Colaire (7.84) took second and third place respectively. Separated only by a splinter, Marshall finished 7.89 and placed 5th, while Rollins finished 6th and recorded a time of 7.90.

Compared to the men’s mileage line-up, the women’s team had 14 competitors in the mile race, with 6 placing in the top 15. Emma Eastman was the only SU athlete to finish the race under 5 minutes, recording 4:54.21 and placing second overall. Sydney Nowicki, Justus Holden-Betts and Kensey May finished 5th, 6th and 7th with times of 5:01.41, 5:07.91 and 5:08.28 respectively. Caroline Kirby placed 9th in 5:08.71.

In the 500m, individual runner Kristine Krumpfer finished sixth with a time of 1:23.19. Catriona McKeown finished fourth in the 400m with a best time of 1:02.27. Ariel Haywood finished 11th, finishing in 1:06.99.

Syracuse sent only one participant to the field games. Etienvre competed in the women’s high jump, overcoming a height of 1.51 m in her third attempt.

Syracuse eventually finished 4th in both the men’s and women’s team classifications.

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