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Syracuse Common Council approves new park agreement with SU

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The Syracuse Common Council voted Monday to approve an agreement with Syracuse University regarding parking guidelines at the Washington Street Garage.

On-campus parking is $483 per semester and outdoor parking is $248 per semester. Monday’s agreement, proposed by Councilman Amir Gethers, provides SU with a minimum of 25 monthly parking spaces and a maximum of 125 monthly parking permits for the Washington Street Garage, located near SU’s Nancy Cantor Warehouse in downtown Syracuse.

The monthly price of the parking permits under the plan, which comes into effect on February 1, will be determined by the market price and finally decided by the Joint Council.

The council also voted to authorize the demolition of the Syracuse Development Center at South Wilbur Avenue in order for the structure to comply with the State Environmental Quality Review Act.

In June, Gov. Kathy Hochul said New York State would fund the demolition of the 47-acre property that the city of Syracuse seized in 2019 because the property owed over $887,000 in taxes and fees. The center used to be a rehabilitation and residential facility for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

The council plans to work with Empire State Development, a New York State economic development agency, to restore the physical structure. A $29 million grant will use the property for housing and engineering manufacturing, and the state will pay for infrastructure such as sewerage, lighting and trees.

The demolition is part of Syracuse’s ongoing effort to clear blighted properties. In October, the City Council approved the city’s request for $5 million in funding from the statewide Restore New York initiative, which aims to revitalize derelict or underutilized residential and commercial buildings across the state.

Other business:

  • With regard to improving security in the city, Councilman Chol Majok proposed applying for and agreeing to the Crime Prevention by Environmental Design grant with the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.
  • Council members unanimously approved an in-kind donation of discarded body armor and ballistic helmets to Ukraine Friends, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance in Ukraine.
  • The council confirmed the reappointments of Corey Driscoll Dunham, Joe Driscoll and Stephanie Pasquale to the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency Board of Directors. OCRRA oversees waste, compost and recycling management in Onondaga County.

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