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Motocross and ATV riders are asking the Suffolk legislature for a closer circuit in the county

02/01/2023 10:49 p.mUpdated 3h ago

From: News 12 employees

Motocross and ATV riders expressed concerns to the Suffolk County Legislature Wednesday that they don’t have a legal place to ride.

Long Island’s only racetrack, 10th Street Motocross in Ronkonkoma, closed two weeks ago, leaving riders with nowhere to safely train and compete.

“We can’t drive in the backyard, we don’t want to disturb anyone and I don’t want my neighbors to hate me,” says Alexa Laxton from Shoreham.

Drivers say they have to drive to a circuit two hours and 30 minutes away. They’re hoping the Suffolk County legislature can help them find something more specific.

It is currently illegal to ride dirt bikes and ATVs in Suffolk, and riders can be fined up to $1,000 for riding on public roads.

Chairman Kevin McCaffrey says he and the rest of the Legislature have heard their concerns and are ready to work with them to find a suitable and safe place on the island.

“These aren’t the same people out there driving recklessly on roads, intimidating and threatening pedestrians and other motorists,” McCaffrey says. “We want to try to encourage that in any way we can.”

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