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Dorchester teenager accused of stabbing in playground charged

An 18-year-old and a 15-year-old from Dorchester were charged Tuesday after officers charged them in connection with stabbing during a brawl on Monday afternoon.

Deionte Wall, 18, and an unnamed youth were each charged with three counts of assault and assault with a dangerous weapon, in these cases a knife, as a result of a bloody fight that ended shortly after on the basketball court at Roberts Playground Park broke out. Day notice at TechBoston Academy on Monday. The sixth through twelfth grade pilot school is located in the Dorchester area.

Three victims suffered non-life-threatening stab wounds and were taken to a local hospital, the Boston Police Department reported.

Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden said in a statement that violence among young people “exceeds the immediate victims and is hurting all of us, all of our neighborhoods and all of our communities”.

Wall and the youth – who cannot be identified due to his age – were arraigned in the Dorchester Division of Boston City Court and juvenile court, respectively, and both were held in lieu of $5,000 bail and ordered not to have contact with each other or anyone else to have them victims, according to the Suffolk County Attorney’s Office.

Investigators say Boston police were alerted at 2:42 p.m. to a group of people fighting on Washington and Armandine streets. Officers saw a person with a large bloodstain on his back, and when asked what happened, the victim told officers Wall stabbed him and identified him as a 12th grader, officials said.

Police soon noticed two other victims with stab wounds.

After police searched the area near Ashmont Street and Ashmont Station, police discovered Wall, who initially admitted to having been involved in a fight but denied using a knife. After police viewed surveillance video of the fight, police arrested Wall.

Investigators said the teen told police he received the knife from Wall and “slashed open” several people, which prosecutors say confirmed surveillance footage of the fight.

“What happened today is incredibly tragic as we continue to see youth violence in our community. National and state statistics remind us all of how badly our students are hurting,” Boston Public Schools Superintendent Mary Skipper told after Monday’s incident. “Right now our focus is on all the students involved, supporting them and their families, and the students and staff at the school.”

Monday’s stabbings came a day after Boston police found Tyler Lawrence, 13, of Norwood, with gunshot wounds and pronounced dead at the scene.

“These are lives that are horribly ended, as in Tyler’s case, or changed forever, either through injury, psychological trauma, involvement in the court and penitentiary system, or, for survivors of murder victims, endless and crushing grief. Our society must never detach itself from the endless effects of these tragedies,” Hayden said.

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