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Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots: Open thread in the first half

The Buffalo Bills host the New England Patriots today in a game that will have serious playoff implications for both teams. While Buffalo have already won the AFC East, a win could secure them the No. 2 spot. It will also ensure they don’t have to travel to Arrowhead for a date with the Kansas City Chiefs for their third straight playoffs. For New England, the situation is simple: win and you’re in the playoffs.

Buffalo is obviously playing for a place in the playoffs today, but they’re playing for a lot more than that. They’re playing for each other. They play for their city. You play for Damar Hamlin. Today at Highmark Stadium there will be an electric, emotional atmosphere. Josh Allen is ready to roll, and if he can continue his recent win against New England, all should end well for the Bills in the 2022 regular season.

Your first half thread is here friends. Be polite to each other. Remember to toggle comments to “oldest” for that classic game thread feel. Enjoy the game wherever you watch it. And, at the risk of sounding a bit cheesy, enjoy the people around you as you watch.

Go bills!

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