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A little cool off to start the new year

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – 2022 is ending on a mild note in central New York, and into the first week of 2023 there will be intermittent milder weather

Hello, 2023:

New Year’s Day will not be quite as balmy compared to the final days of 2022.

Cooler air returns to start the New Year as temperatures dip into the 30s throughout the day.

The good news is that most if not all Sundays will be dry. A weak weather system approaching late in the day may bring some light rain showers late afternoon through evening. At higher altitudes there might even be a few snowflakes mixed in.

Monday will be a mostly dry day with lots of clouds. Some dry air coming in from the south can bring some clearing and sunshine over the Finger Lakes in the late afternoon. Despite the clouds over the rest of central New York, temperatures still manage to climb into the 40s.

It looks like another bout of mild air will head toward central New York and the Northeast early next week. We’re growing more confident that we’ll be able to get back into the 50’s for Tuesday and Wednesday, but that will come with more showers.

There is still no sign of winter weather to speak of (either cold or snow) by the end of next week.

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