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51% #1749: Roe’s wannabe anniversary

January 22 would have marked the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v. Wade marked if the court hadn’t decided last year to overturn the verdict. On the final 51%, we spoke to Amy Littlefield, longtime abortion access correspondent at The Nation, about how Roe’s case is currently playing out in states and women’s health clinics across the US. Also, thousands of women marched in protests across the country to mark the anniversary as part of the seventh National Women’s March. Author Trudy Krisher shares her experience of traveling to the first march in Washington DC in 2017, which inspired her latest book, On the March: A Novel of the Women’s March on Washington.


Guests: Amy Littlefield, abortion correspondent for The Nation; Trudy Krisher, author of On the March: A Novel of the Women’s March on Washington

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