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10 Little Long Island Beach Towns That Will Make You Forget the Hamptons

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Are you looking for the perfect place to relax? Forget the Hamptons; Here are 10 small Long Island towns that are equally stunning.

Sayville Docks and Marina in Long Island, New YorkShutterstock

Sayville Docks and Marina in Long Island, New York

Long Island has no shortage of beach towns worth a pit stop and vacation spots many New Yorkers skip for the Hamptons. There’s nothing wrong with the Hamptons, but Long Island is quite long, so why not explore further? Long Island stretches 118 miles and has a population of over 1.3 million people. The area has many villages and charming towns with the most picturesque beaches for visitors to enjoy. Additionally, there are many unique things to do on Long Island. In this read, you’ll learn about ten small Long Island beach towns that make great alternatives to the Hamptons.

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10 north port

If you love being outdoors, throwing picnics, and exploring live entertainment, Northport is a small historic town that will amaze you. The city is famous for big events like Cow Harbor Day to celebrate its history and is also home to the John W. Engeman Theater where Broadway performances grace the day. A must for anyone looking for a journey into history and a home away from home feeling. Northport offers a variety of waterfront accommodations that you’ll love exploring on your family vacation.

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9 Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay is another city that’s home to Long Island history, with over 30 attractions you might want to explore on your visit. This town is much larger compared to other beach towns on this list. But another notable factor that sets Oyster Bay apart from other places is accessibility. The city is also home to the Raynham Hall Museum, the Summer White House and a sprawling 409-acre Planting Fields Arboretum.

8th Free port

Freeport is an excellent vacation spot for families as the city offers many fun activities and welcomes people of all ages. Fan favorites are the water taxi tours, boat cruises, fine dining and sunset cruises. The best way to explore Long Island’s night scene is to visit Freeport. The Nautical Mile is a series of restaurants, shopping malls and bars spread across the width of Freeport where people enjoy themselves and indulge themselves.

7 Sayville

Sayville is a little-known beach town full of hidden gems, perfect for outdoor adventurers. The Long Island Maritime Museum features numerous exhibits that tell Sayville’s history of sea rescue, boating, and fishing. The pre-Civil War buildings in this city will show you how simple life was on Long Island in the 19th century. Thanks to its rich fishing culture, you should visit Sayville to enjoy the most authentic and sumptuous seafood dishes prepared at restaurants dotted across the city.

6 Port of Washington

Don’t mind going over budget to have a good time? If so, Port Washington will blow your mind. The beach town has many luxury shops and restaurants where you can expect world-class treatment. The alluring seaside city is ideal for a fun getaway just 40 minutes by train from Manhattan.

This city also has notable modern and historical architecture such as ancient castles and other fascinating sites such as the Execution Rocks lighthouse. Other great places that visitors love are Blumenfeld Family Park, Manorhaven Beach Park, and North Hempstead Beach Park.

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5 huntington

Huntington is a sprawling beach town with restaurants, shops, galleries and parks making it one of the most interesting places to visit. The Paramount and Arthouse Theaters are excellent venues for an after-dinner or daytime movie. Let off steam on the trails at Cold Spring Harbor’s Park and mingle with locals and other visitors eager to explore all of Huntington.

4 Roslyn

If you stand high enough on a hill you can see where Roslyn begins and ends. It’s a small town with even more historic relics, like a distinctive 17th-century grist mill and 1895 clock tower. You don’t have to drive; Get an up-close perspective by exploring Roslyn on foot. You’ll pass places like Gerry Pond Park and head to My Father’s Place, built in 1971 for epic live performances.

3 Cutchogue

Long Island has sprawling farms and many vineyards that produce world-renowned wines. Cutchogue is a quaint town with Bedell Cellars, Lieb Cellars and Downs Farm Preserve where visitors can enjoy world class wines. The city hosts numerous events to showcase its products and promote its charm. To the delight of visitors, other participants representing wineries from nearby towns also appear.

2 Bay Shore

Most people head to Bay Shore en route to Fire Island, but you might not know that you’re missing out on an incredible day trip to this downtown area. The Lost Planet Comics, Earth N Vessel Pottery Studio, and North Fork Donut Company mention a few stops you’ll enjoy visiting. If you’re traveling with kids who enjoy snacking and reading comics, a visit to Bay Shore will be a memory they will remember for a long time.

1 Port Jefferson

Port Jefferson is usually characterized by its appeal and easy-to-scan streets that you can explore without fear of getting lost. It’s a big beach town with many restaurants like that Old Fields and the Ostmain & Main for delicious dishes. The town is perfect as a stopover for people leaving or entering Connecticut as that is where you would board the ferry.

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