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Will the Buffalo Sabers set a franchise record at Road Points?

The Buffalo Sabers may be young, but given their youth, they’re a talented bunch. And they might just break a few records.

A good road team, the Buffalo Sabers are 15-7-2 (32 points) when playing in an opponent’s arena. Since that team ended their eight-game losing streak in November, the Blues and Golds have been 12-2-2 away (24 points). But what you may not know is that if they keep up this pace, they’ll set a franchise record for road points.

With 24 away games and 17 remaining, the Sabers are on track to finish this season 26-12-3 in opposing arenas, giving them 55 away points, one ahead of the 54 they earned during their memorable 2006-07 game to have. So will they keep up this pace and break a record that has stood for almost two decades? Let us talk about it.

Buffalo Sabers may set a new road point record in 2022-23

The Sabers return in mid-February for their final Western Conference road trip of the season when they head to California to face off against the Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks and San Jose Sharks. Looking ahead, that’s three wins, but every team has their slip-ups, so I’d say they finish 2-1-0 here and are 17-8-2 on the road for the season.

Their next two away games are against Tampa Bay and Florida. I hate to say this, but that’s going to be two losses, so we’re going to give them a 17-10-2 record after the Florida game. However, they will visit and upset Boston again before falling to the New York Islanders in overtime. So we’re down to 18-10-3 right now.

I see them beating Toronto on the street before splitting into Washington and Philadelphia. However, they will return to beat the islanders on the street, which puts them at 21-11-3. In early April, I got them one more time knocking down the Flyers before losing to the Panthers again. However, they will mistreat the Red Wings again, placing them at 23-12-3.

The Sabers will fall to the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers, but they’ll snag a point in overtime to put them at 23-13-4 before defeating the Columbus Blue Jackets again and giving them a final record from 24-13-4 on the street for 52 street points.

While they are on track to break their 2006-07 road record, I don’t see them breaking it. But they will get very, very close. And it’s also a sign that this is still a good street team that can beat anyone when they’re not at the KeyBank Center.

Article source: Sabers is racking up street points at a franchise-record pace set by Jonah Bronstein

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