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Von Miller is likely to miss part of the 2023 season

Watching the Buffalo Bills rebound from the playoffs, one thing was for sure.

This is a team that missed out on Von Miller, their all pro edge rusher and esteemed free agent signing.

Since Miller tore his cruciate ligament on Thanksgiving and sat him out for the season, this Bills defense was a different session. Miller’s presence alone turned the Bills defense into one of the creepiest defenses in the league.

But after going out for the year, Buffalo’s pass rush was a shell unto itself. Without Miller, the Bills found it difficult to generate a pass rush. It was really amazing to see what a difference one player has made for this team.

With Miller picking up the injury in November, his schedule for a timely return to the 2023 season was always in jeopardy. However, we now have some idea of ​​when Miller will return.

Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane seems to think Von Miller will miss part of the upcoming season

Beane told the Buffalo News:

“I think Von is in a good place. I think he’s fine. I expect him for a good part of 2023; I’m not completely ruling out 2023, but I don’t want to say that either. I think it’s too early.”

At some point, ACL injuries had become far less scary than they used to be. Instead of taking a full year or so to recover, that time frame had been reduced to just nine months. With Miller being 33 years old and turning 34 in March, it’s safe to assume his recovery time will be closer to that year’s mark than nine months.

Exactly nine months after his first surgery would be August, meaning he will most likely miss part of the 2023 season, Beane said.

The only really worrying aspect of Beane’s comments was that he refused to rule out the entirety of 2023, meaning it’s a real possibility. If we’ve learned anything from Miller’s injury, it’s that this defense can’t afford to be without their leading pass rusher.

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