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By Miller already making an impact in the Buffalo community

“I had to squint to see the board so these glasses will help me a lot when I go back to school and when I’m in the classroom again,” Eaton said. “I like this nice green-blue color and that’s my favorite color, so I’m excited to be able to wear them at school.”

Von’s vision was also an impactful event for parents. Damian Kilber, father of Emery, 5, and Lilith, 4, is grateful for Miller’s generosity to the Buffalo community, specifically for how much he helped his two daughters today.

“It’s very exciting to be able to give them something as cool as this and see their faces light up when they got the new glasses is just excellent for a parent,” Kilber said. “To be able to see in school is crucial for them, so it’s going to make the school year exemplary for them.”

After the kids picked up their glasses, they headed over to the photo booth to get their picture taken with Miller so they could remember this day forever.

“Whenever you’re doing something for somebody else, whenever you’re playing football for somebody else, it just brings the most out of you and it just feels good,” Miller said. “This makes me feel good to be able to provide for these kids and provide excitement.”

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