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Buffalo Sabers Points Streak loses to Carolina

All good things come to an end, and the Buffalo Sabers’ points streak is no different. Now they have nine days to think it over.

The Buffalo Sabers looked like a bad hockey team tonight. And I’m usually the type of fan who freaks out when he loses, as happened after the debacle against the Philadelphia Flyers earlier last month.

But against the Carolina Hurricanes I’ll let them loosen up a bit. They have an older, experienced hockey team that will likely battle the league’s youngest team in Buffalo for a Stanley Cup this season.

Games with such a discrepancy in experience happen. Also, you can’t get too down on the Sabers: This is a playoff competitive team during the All-Star break.

Yes, they are 26-20-4 (56 points) and they need to gain ground. But at least we’re not thinking about the NHL draft, are we? We’re thinking about the playoffs for the first time in ages and it feels good.

Buffalo Sabers are down, but they’re not out

Yes they are below and they will be below. Tonight’s loss will come to mind, that’s for sure. But it’s something to grow on and I’ll be honest: The Sabers will learn and grow from it.

Just as they grew and learned after their eight-game losing streak in November. And when they slipped in January, they started a seven-game points streak in the second half of the month.

After the All-Star break, you will experience this again. So yes, they lost to an elite hockey team. Big thing. Really, we’ve seen them beat some of the best teams out there and they had a little slip tonight.

You’ll see what worked, what didn’t work, and then get back to work and fix the problem. Until then, they got a nine-day break and we got an All-Star game to watch. So enjoy the break, watch the Amerks if you need your hockey fix as the 11th rolls, enjoy the way Buffalo rebounds.

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