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Buffalo Common Council votes to approve new district map

​BUFFALO, NY — ​Following widespread protests and negative feedback from community members, the Buffalo Common Council has voted on the proposed redistricting maps.

The council unanimously approved the controversial proposed maps Tuesday afternoon.

New redistributing lines have been passed. Very chaotic meeting. Council members immediately left chambers and protesters broke out in previously planned comments – ending with this chant: “vote them out.” @SPECNews1BUF

— Viktoria Hallikäär (@ViktoriaKrista) July 19, 2022

Council members postponed the vote for weeks following widespread protests and negative feedback from community members.

The proposed maps now move to Mayor Byron Brown’s desk for approval.

The community activism group, Our City Action Buffalo, continues to call out the council with claims of non-transparency and lacking public input into map decision making. Last week, the group gathered on the steps of city hall in opposition to what they describe as “geographical manipulation on the council’s part.”

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